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First of all, let's Find out why you are unable to log in to your Google account even if you have the correct Email ID and Password?

You can only see this message, GOOGLE Couldn't VERIFY This ACCOUNT Belongs To YOU, try again later or use account recovery for help, and You have tried every possible way to recover it but all in vain, then I will tell you WHY!

Reason # 1: Not Securing Your Google Account

The number 1 reason is you have not enabled 2FA in your Google account and in that case, if someone tries to access your account you will be able to block your account or make it restricted. So, it's recommended to secure your account with 2-Factor-Authentication and provide your phone number as a recovery method to completely secure your account.

Reason # 2: Providing Your Account Credentials To Anyone

That's risky, if you have provided your Google Account Login information to anyone, then as security, Google detects it as someone is trying to access your account without your permission and blocks your account. So, it's recommended not to share sensitive information with anyone!

Reason # 3: Too Many Failed Attempts

If you have forgotten your ID or Password and you are consistently failing to log in to your account then Google can suspend your account for security reasons and you can be in big trouble. So, it is recommended don't try to log in with incorrect information to keep your account secured.


Nobody can provide you access to your Google account except Google itself as it is very secure. So, I will tell you an easy method to contact the Google Support team to re-activate your account quickly without any risk.

(Deprecated)You need to fill out this form:

(New)Visit This new form, select the reason and follow the steps to get your account back:

You need to enter the email address of that account that is restricted or blocked. After that, you need to provide your email address so they can contact you properly. In the end, you need to provide some useful information to help them fix your issue.

Just copy and paste the following:

You need to tell why you need your account back and how important that is so copy and paste the following into the description.

Hi, Google Team. I hope this message finds you in good health. I am in real trouble accessing my Google Account that I use to login into many other platforms like YouTube and Google AdSense. I really need that account that is restricted or suspended for any reason, that was in my daily use and includes my personal and important data that I cannot access. This is the message I receive when I try to log in "GOOGLE Couldn't VERIFY This ACCOUNT Belongs To YOU". I tried to recover the email and tried all methods but nothing is working. So, it is a humble request to restore my Google Account so that I can access my very important data again. Waiting for your response to help me in gaining access to my Google Account. I have provided all the information correctly in the form and expect to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you so much! 

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