Jan 27, 2023

How To Get GOOGLE AdSense Approval FAST


1. Create High-Quality Content

First of all, you need to create a website and publish high-quality content. Google AdSense Approval is more likely if your website has well-written, informative, and original content. You must use ENGLISH while writing your content to get Google AdSense Approval fast.

2. Follow Google AdSense Policies

In order to get your website approved faster for Google AdSense you must follow all Google AdSense Policies and don't violate them. The Best practice is to go through Google AdSense policies one by one:

3. Clear Navigation Structure

Your website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should look clean and professional, your website structure matters a lot. For example:

Create a header to navigate easily to home, contacts, About, or Privacy Policy so that users on your website don't get lost and can do navigation easily.

Similarly, Create a Footer with links to your work or services and so on.

In short, your website should be well-structured, easy to navigate, and mobile-friendly to get AdSense Approval very fast.

4. Have Privacy Policy Page

Your website must include a Privacy Policy page on your Header and Footer, that's very important to have on your website to get AdSense Approval in 1 minute. And obviously, the privacy policy of your website should also comply with Google's requirements.

5. Have Contact Us Page

You must create a contact us page which will include all the required information so that users can contact you in any case. Google AdSense expert will look into this and it will be a plus point for you as you are being transparent to your users and ready to help. You can make a contact form or share your email on the contact page.

6. Have About Us Page

In order to be transparent to your users and get Google AdSense Approval fast, create an about us page or our team page to tell users what's your website about and what's your background. Briefly, tell users what's your purpose and how can you help them.

7. Create 15-20 Posts

You must have enough content on your website so that Google AdSense Team can review your posts and approve monetization on your website quickly.

You must have created or uploaded 15-20 articles or posts on your website so that they can know you are uploading on daily basis and providing original content.

Obviously, the posts should be unique, of high quality, have too much knowledge, and be written in English to get AdSense Approval.

8. Purchase Custom Domain

In order to be presented as a professional to Google AdSense for monetization, you must purchase Top Level Domain like, .com, .co, .uk, etc, Google AdSense does not provide approval on free domains or subdomains except blogger. So, it's highly recommended to purchase Top Level Domain and get instant Google AdSense Approval. You can use any website like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc to purchase hosting and domain.

9. How old Domain Should be?

Well, in my personal experience domain age does not matter. You can purchase the domain and make enough content to get Google AdSense approval. It's recommended to wait at least 20 days after purchasing the domain and then apply for Google AdSense monetization. You will get 100% guaranteed Google AdSense approval.

10. How much traffic is needed?

You don't need any traffic to apply for Google AdSense. But it's recommended to have at least 1000 visitors on the website per month to earn some money from your website. If you apply before then you might not get suitable earnings from your website.

11. Avoid Prohibited Content

Your website should not contain any illegal, adult, or violent content. Make sure to provide educational or informative content as ads placed on such topics are highly paid.

12. Copy Exact code From Google AdSense

Many publishers make this mistake while applying for website monetization and they don't get any response from Google AdSense. So, it's highly recommended to copy the exact same code from Google AdSense and paste it into your website to get instant Google AdSense approval.

13. Don't use Copyrighted Images

If you are making your original content but using images that are copyrighted then Google AdSense will reject your application. Rather, try to use copyright-free images and modify them to make them unique and yours. You can use Pexels or Pixabay to get copyrighted images for free or you can use Canva to create your graphics.

14. Be Patient

The Google AdSense approval process can take several days or weeks so don't submit multiple applications or create any other Google AdSense account. If you face any issues or need guidance, don't hesitate to contact me:

If you want to create Google AdSense Account and connect your website to Google AdSense then follow these instructions:

So, that's it, now you know everything about the Google AdSense approval process, best of luck!



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