May 22, 2024

How To Install Red Giant UNIVERSE In After Effects


We will see How To Install Red Giant UNIVERSE In After Effects with step by step guidance.

Step 1: Download Red Giant UNIVERSE

Firstly, you need to download the Official Red Giant UNIVERSE From the Official website. Please visit the following link to download the official Red Giant UNIVERSE For After Effects:

Before downloading the Red Giant UNIVERSE, you must sign in or register on Maxon Official Website. You can use any account to authenticate Maxon App but I recommend using Google Account to create an account on Maxon App.

Note: You can also Download and Install the Red Giant UNIVERSE directly using the official Installer without using Maxon.

Step 2: Install Red Giant UNIVERSE

Once you are done authenticating Maxon App, you can select many programs inside Maxon, we need to select Red Giant UNIVERSE and install it directly from Maxon App. It will start the Installer file that will install Red Giant UNIVERSE in After Effects automatically.

You can also run the installer from the Maxon website and install the Red Giant Universe In After Effects Directly

Step 3: Create Composition In After Effects

To test the Red Giant UNIVERSE in After Effects, create a new Composition, Go with Default settings, and click on OK to create a Composition

You can also create a new text layer or import any raw footage to test the Red Giant UNIVERSE in After Effects

Step 4: Enable Scripting & Expressions in After Effects

It's important to Enable Scripting & Expressions in After Effects so that we can apply the effects to our Composition. You need to Navigate to the Top Left Corner of After Effects, and Find Edit, and navigate to the Preferences and click on Scripting & Expressions.

Once you are right inside, Enable the Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network. Click on OK to apply the changes

Step 5: Apply Red Giant UNIVERSE To The Composition

Once you are done, Open the Effect option from the top navigation. Scroll down and you will see RED GIANT Products directly.

You must be expected to see Files Like these: uni.Blur, uni.Boken, uni.Compound Blur etc

Step 6: Red Giant UNIVERSE Plugin Applied

Once you apply the Red Giant UNIVERSE Plugin to your Composition, you will see the Plugin Activated and successfully installed in After Effects. That's it.

I hope you found this article helpful, make sure to comment down below or contact me if you face any issues. Thanks!



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