Jul 01, 2022

How To Install PLUGINS (AEX File) In AFTER EFFECTS 2022


In this blog, I will show you how to install plugins in After Effects 2022. We will see how to open plugins in Adobe After Effects and how to use plugins in After Effects Software using very easy methods.

If you want to install .aex file in after effects or want to add plugins in After Effects then you can use this method explained in this video that will work in ANY VERSION of After Effects. This method will also work for mac if you want to install plugins in After Effects cc.

Step # 1: Import PLUGINS In Adobe After Effects Directory

First of all, you need to import or install the Plugin in the After Effects root directory.

The plugin I am using is called AutoFill, you can download the Auto Fill Plugin form here:

You need to copy the plugin (AEX file) and go to the following Directory: This PC -> Local Disk C -> Program Files -> Adobe -> Adobe After Effects -> Support Files -> Plug-ins and paste the plugin inside.

Step # 2: Activating Imported Plugins In After Effects

In order to activate the Plugin you just imported, just open your After Effects and create a new composition. After that, go to Windows on the top right menus -> Effects and Presets to enable Effects in After effects.

Step # 3 PLUGIN Name Is Import To Locate Plugin In After Effects

Now in the Effects and Presets panel search Plugin name and there you go. Just drag and drop that plugin into your composition.

Step # 4 How To Use PLUGIN In After Effects

Download the latest version of After Effects:



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