Jan 22, 2024

How To INSTALL Boris FX MOCHA In After Effects


Step 1: Unzip Files Using Winrar

First of all, you will have the files and folders compressed, you need to extract or unzip the files from the zipped folder using the WinRAR tool. We need Winrar to extract the files so that we can install the Boris FX Mocha Pro In After Effects. Only extract the folder names as Mocha For Adobe from the zipped folder and place the files at your desired location.

Step 2: Install Boris FX MOCHA In After Effects

Go inside the extracted folder and you will see the required .msi file that you need to install the Mocha In After Effects. Run the Installer to install the Mocha and grant all permissions if required. The .msi or .exe file will automatically install Mocha in After Effects.

Official Product link:

Step 3: Activate Boris FX MOCHA In After Effects

Once you are done installing Boris FX Mocha in After Effects, you need to go inside the After Effects and check whether it is working or not.

To make sure it is working, first of all, create a composition so that we can check by importing the video into our sequence or timeline

Step 4: Enable GPU Acceleration In After Effects

To make Mocha Pro work properly, make sure to enable GPU Acceleration In After Effects. Just go to File, navigate to Project Settings, and make sure Video Rendering and Effects uses GPU Acceleration CUDA, It can be OpenGL or OpenCL, you can go with any GPU acceleration option available and apply the changes. It is required to use Mocha Smoothly in After Effects without interruptions.

Step 5: Enable Scripting & Expressions In After Effects

Now go inside After Effects, navigate to Edit in the top left corner of After Effects, click on Preferences, and select Scripting & Expressions.

Click on the Checkbox of Allow Scripts To Write Files and Access Network and click on OK, to apply the changes.

Make sure to Enable Scripting & Expressions to Make Mocha Working Properly!

Step 6: Enable Effects & Presets In After Effects

Once you are done, click on Window in the top left Navigation of After Effects and make sure the Effects & Presets option is marked as tick. If you can see a tick sign next to Effects & Presets, you are good to go.

Step 7: Apply Mocha To Videos In After Effects

Now search for Mocha In Effects & Presets and you will see all Mocha Plugins available in the list. Just import the video and double-click on the Mocha Plugin to apply the changes.

You will see the Mocha Pro Window in the left navigation of After Effects. If you can see the Mocha Successfully applied to the video, it means you have successfully installed the Mocha Pro In After Effects.



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