Jul 04, 2022

How To Increase RENDERING SPEED In Premiere Pro

In this blog, we will see how to Increase Rendering Speed In Premiere Pro 2022. We will explore many settings to render faster in Premiere Pro.

First of all, we will apply the GPU Acceleration CUDA Settings in Premiere pro For Hardware Encoding and Decoding. After that, we will clear the media cache in Premiere Pro to increase the preview speed and rendering speed. Finally, we will apply Nvidia Control Panel GPU Settings and install the Nvidia Studio Driver to render faster in Premiere pro.

So, let's see them one by one.

Step # 1: Enable GPU Acceleration (CUDA) In Premiere Pro

You need to enable GPU Acceleration (CUDA) In Premiere Pro. For that go to, File -> Project Settings -> General and apply the following Settings:


Step # 2: Enable H264 Hardware Encoding & Decoding In Premiere Pro

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Media and apply H264 Encoding and Decoding.

Step # 3: Enable Hardware Encoding In Export Settings In Premiere Pro

Go to File -> Export and Apply Hardware Encoding for Performance Under Encoding Settings in Export Settings

Step # 4: Allocate Max RAM for Fast Rendering In Premiere Pro

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Memory and allocate 3GB for others and maximum for Premiere Pro.

Step # 5: Delete Media Cache Files In Premiere Pro

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Media Cache and delete any media cache file.

Step # 6: Reduce Preview Resolution In Premiere Pro

Just click the preview under video and change it to 1/2 or 1/4 to increase performance in Premiere Pro.

Step # 7: Enable NVIDIA Studio Driver In GeForce Experience

In order to use GPU ACCELERATION, we need to enable the Studio Driver. Go to GeForce Experience and select the Driver tab and select Studio Driver.

Download GeForce Experience From here: Visit This Link

Step # 8: Download CUDA ToolKit To Enable GPU Acceleration

In order to use GPU ACCELERATION, we need to enable the CUDA ToolKit.

Download CUDA ToolKit From here: Visit This Link

Step # 9: Apply Nvidia Control Panel Settings For Premiere Pro

You must apply Nvidia Control Panel settings For Premiere Pro.

Step # 10: Use Proxies

Proxy is a perfect method to increase rendering speed and overall experience in Premiere Pro.

Step # 11: Fix Export Stuck In Premiere Pro

If you are stuck with export in Premiere Pro then I highly recommend watching this video: Visit This Link



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