Jun 27, 2022

How To HIDE Subscribers On YOUTUBE 2022

Want to hide your subscribers on YouTube and don't know how to do this? Well, don't you worry as in this blog I will show you how to Hide Your Subscribers or subscribers count on YouTube easily.

There may be many reasons to hide subscribers on YouTube but you don't know how to hide subscribers on YouTube. So, let's get started.

Step # 1:

Go to YouTube Studio by logging into your YouTube account.

Step # 2:

Navigate to Settings on the bottom left side of YouTube Studio.

Step # 3:

A popup will appear. Now you need to select Channel from the left tab.

Step # 4:

Once you select the Channel tab from the left, you will see 3 options. Basic Info, Advanced Settings, and Feature Eligibility. You need to click on Advanced Settings.

Step # 5:

Scroll down in Advanced Settings until you see Subscriber count.

Step # 6:

Once you see the Subscriber count, you need to uncheck "Display the number of people subscribed to my channel".

Final Step:

Once you are done, click on Save Button.

Now your subscribers are hidden from your YouTube channel and no one can see the subscriber count.

Tip: How to Display Subscribers Count Again?

If you want to display the subscribers again on your YouTube Channel then you need to follow the same steps as explained above and check the option "Display the number of people subscribed to my channel" and you are done!



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