Jul 04, 2022

How to Fix Premiere Pro not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering | GPU not working

In this blog, we will see you how to use GPU while rendering in Premiere Pro. Premiere Pro not using GPU ACCELERATION for Rendering and GPU is not working for premiere pro even if you have high-end graphics like I have GTX 1660 Ti card but it is not being used then you are at the right place as I will explain how to fix this issue.

You need to enable GPU acceleration In Premiere Pro to maximize the usage of GPU not CPU and RAM, and for that, you need to change the settings.

Step # 1: Enable CUDA GPU Acceleration

Go to File -> Project Settings -> General and select GPU ACCELERATION CUDA under video Rendering and PlayBack.

If you select GPU ACCELERATION CUDA as a renderer, Your Premiere Pro will force the GPU to be used when you are rendering and ultimately it will increase the rendering speed like never before.

But if you select SOFTWARE ONLY, then Premiere Pro will not use GPU, it will use CPU and RAM instead, which will result in decreasing the rendering speed.

Step # 2: Enable Hardware Encoding in Export Settings

For better rendering Use Hardware Encoding Settings too while you are exporting from Premiere Pro.

For that, Click on File -> Export and select Hardware Encoding under Encoding settings in Performance while you are exporting the video from Premiere pro.


After following all the steps, you will see a significant increase in Rendering Speed using GPU acceleration.



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