Aug 18, 2022

How To Fix OUT OF MEMORY Error In Adobe AFTER EFFECTS | Unable To Allocate Memory Error FIXED!

In this blog, I will discuss in detail on how to fix out of memory error in Adobe After Effects. If you are facing the following issues like: Unable To Allocate Memory Error in Adobe After Effects cc, After Effects out of memory 23 :: 40 has really gotten bad. After effects out of memory 2896k requested (23 :: 40), then you are in the right blog to fix it quickly.

Why Out Of Memory Error Occurred?

After Effects out of memory usually occurs when your Pc is out of Storage or Ram, it can also occur if you have GPU out of memory. So, the question arises of how to get out of it:

1. You can upgrade your RAM up to 16 GB DDR4 2400Mhz+

2. You can upgrade your storage up to 500 GB and change storage type from HDD (Hard Disk Drive) to SSD (Solid State Drive). The recommended is NVME M.2, which is seriously super fast.

After Effects Timeline Resolution Settings

If you are editing in After Effects and you have your resolution setting which is called Resolution/Down Sample Factor Popup to FULL then it might consume your CPU and RAM which in result will decrease the performance in After Effects and you may face out of memory error in After Effects. So, it is recommended to keep your resolution to HALF or THIRD or QUARTER.

Enable Hardware Acceleration (CUDA)

If you are working with complex animation or motion graphics then it is highly recommended to enable GPU acceleration in After Effects. You need to go to File in the top left of After Effects and select Project Settings. A popup will appear, now you need to select Mercury GPU Acceleration (CUDA) under Video Rendering and Effects.

By applying this setting, you can easily enable GPU acceleration which in return will increase rendering speed in After Effects.

After Effects Memory Settings

You can also try to clean and clear the disk cache and database cache in After Effects to free up some memory in After Effects. If your After Effects is full of memory then you may face out of memory error.

For that, go to Edit in the top left of After Effects and select Preference. Some options will appear, you need to select Media & Disk Cache. A pop up will appear and there you need to click on Empty Disk Cache and Clean Database & Cache. After that make sure Enable Disk Cache is checked. It will take some time but once you are done, you need to click on OK.

Allocate More Memory To After Effects

Now you need to allocate more memory to After Effects by going to the Memory tab from the left menu in preferences and applying changes. You need to see RAM reserved for other applications is minimum by dragging it to the left enabling After Effects to use more memory and Ram so that it does not get out of memory.

Windows Paging Settings

If you are still facing out of memory error in After Effects after applying all these settings then you need to check Windows Paging settings. In order to check that you need to go to Control Panel and search Performance, the result will appear and there you need to select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows under System.

A pop up will appear and make sure Let Windows choose what's best for my computer option is selected in visual effects. Next, go to Advanced and select the change option under Virtual Memory.

windows performance option for automatic paging.png

A virtual memory popup will appear and here make sure the Automatically manage paging file option is selected and apply the changes.

Note: Make sure not to change or play around with these settings as they are critical and make cause serious issues. Be cautious.

And that's it. Now you can get rid of out of memory error in After Effects easily.



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