Jul 18, 2022

How To Fix No Audio In After Effects 2022

If you are playing your video in After Effects and you cannot hear any sound or audio in after effects then I will explain it in detail to solve this issue.

There can be many problems like you are playing your video but there is no audio in the preview or you are hearing sound or audio but that is slowed down or lagging, as a result, you wouldn't be able to hear any audio in After Effects. This no audio playback issue can be fixed using an easy method, let me explain how to fix this issue.

Reason # 1: Audio is muted in After Effects

No audio in After Effects can be due to audio mute in after effects, You need to make sure your audio is not muted so that you can hear the sound while previewing in After Effects.


You can find an audio button in your After Effects Composition and you need to make sure your audio option is checked.

Reason # 2: Missing Settings In Preview

In After effects there is a preview tab to apply settings to preview your video. Missing proper settings may cause lag and audio preview issues in After effects.


You need to make sure you apply the following settings to make your audio and video work properly:


Reason # 3: Audio Hardware Preferences Settings

One of the main reasons is not selecting the default output source in Audio Hardware Preferences Settings.


You need to make sure to Select the MME and select the proper and working hardware device to hear the audio in After Effects.

Just go to Edit -> Preferences -> Audio Hardware and apply the suitable settings.

Golden Tip: Preview slow-motion Audio

It's important if you are creating a slow-motion video and you want to listen to the audio in slow motion to edit it frame by frame.

You need to hold CTRL on Windows and CMD on Mac and move the pointer on the Current Time Indicator in the forward direction, you will hear slow-motion audio to edit it properly without distorting.

You can also press "L" twice to see the audio waves in After Effects.

That's it, Enjoy!



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