Aug 02, 2022

How To Export Transparent Video In After Effects

In this blog, I will share a unique way to export/render Transparent Background Videos in After Effects very easily.

You need a few things before you are going to render transparent background video in After Effects, which is also called ALPHA Channel.

Step 1: Add Composition To Render Queue

The First step is to create and edit your composition, once you are done with your composition, you need to make sure you are right inside the PARENT COMPOSITION or Root Composition. After that, you need to go to the top left menu of After Effects and Click on Composition.

Once you select composition, click on Add to Render Queue option. Once you click, Add to Render Queue, a new tab will be opened on the bottom left side of After Effects, called RENDER QUEUE.

Step 2: Toggle Transparency Grid

Before Rendering, make sure to click Toggle Transparency Grid to see the transparent background in place of the black background. This will help you to identify which settings I need to apply in composition to make the best video editing.

You can find the Toggle Transparency Grid highlighted in the red line highlighted below:

Toggle Transparency Grid.png

Step 3: Apply Render Settings

Once you are right inside Render Queue Tab, You will see 4 options there:

1. Render Settings

2. Output Module

3. Log

4. Output To

First of all, you need to Click on Best Settings next to Render Settings and apply the following Changes:

Render Settings After Effects.png

Step 4: Output Module

Now We need to apply the output format settings to make the background Transparent. For this click on Lossless next to Output Module and apply the following Settings as shown below:

output module settings for transparemt background.png

1. Make sure to select QuickTime in the Format, if you cannot see the QuickTime format here, just download QuickTime from here: Visit This Link

2. Make sure the Video Output Option is checked.

3. Finally, make sure the RGB+ALPHA is selected in the channels and you are good to go.

Once you apply all these settings, you can click on OK to apply the settings to render transparent video in After Effects.

Step 5: Render the Composition

Once you are done applying settings, render the final composition and import it into any video editor to make sure it has a transparent background by placing the video or image behind that transparent video.

That's it, I hope you found this blog helpful to render/export transparent video background videos in After Effects.



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