Jun 27, 2022

How To ENABLE 2 Step VERIFICATION In YouTube Channel 2022

In this blog, I will show you how to enable 2 Step Verification In YouTube 2022. 2 step verification on YouTube is important as it is required to apply for YouTube Monetization. According to the new policy of YouTube, ALL CHANNELS MUST HAVE ENABLED 2 STEP VERIFICATION ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL. So, that's important to enable 2 step verification on YouTube by following the steps.

Step # 1: YouTube Monetization Page

You can enable the 2 Step Verification from the YouTube monetization page. Just open your YouTube Studio and Navigate to Monetization Tab. Now you need to click Turn on 2-step verification.

Step # 2 Verify Google Account

As soon as you click on Step-2 verification in YouTube monetization page, a pop-up will appear and it will ask you for your Google Account email and password. Make sure to complete these Google Verification steps and continue to complete 2-step verification.

Step # 3 Enable Mobile Prompt in 2-Step Verification

Once you are in the process of enabling 2-step verification, you must need to enable a Mobile prompt.

How to enable Mobile Prompt for 2-Step Verification?

Just login to your mobile using the same Gmail account and your mobile prompt will be automatically enabled. It's as simple as that.

Step # 4 Enable Security Key in 2-Step Verification

You can also enable Security Key to securely login to your Google and YouTube account. Follow the steps on the screen to turn on the Security key.

Step # 5 Enable recovery method using Phone Number

You must also enable the 2-step verification by providing your phone number as it is the best option to keep your youtube account safe and secure. As someone tries to access your account you will be immediately notified about this activity. If for some reason you have forgotten your password or you are unable to login to your Google account then you must enable phone number verification.

Step # 6 Create Backup Codes for 2-Step Verification

Creating backup codes to keep your account secured is the best option. You can simply generate and download the backup codes in a secured place that can be used to recover your account easily and secure your account.



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