Jul 05, 2022

How to Connect PC Internet to Mobile via HotSpot WIFI

In this blog, I will explain How to share your wifi with any device easily. Just follow my steps and we will make our PC WIFI shareable with any device so that, you can use the Internet on any of your device through a WIFI hotspot.

Let's see how to share the internet from pc to mobile via Hotspot Wifi.

Step # 1:

Go to Start, it is usually located in the lower-left bottom bar of your Desktop.

Step # 2:

Click on Settings, a popup will appear.

Step # 3:

Select Network & Internet from the Listing, it is a globe-shaped icon.

Step # 4:

Select Mobile Hotspot from the left Menu.

Step # 5:

Toggle the Mobile Hotspot button to turn on Internat connection sharing.

Step # 6:

Select Share my Internet connection from WIFI from the list just below.

Step # 7:

Now click on the Edit button just below the Network name, password, and band settings.

Step # 8:

Enter your Network name, Password, and Any Available in the Network Band option and Click Save.

Step # 9:

Now congrats, you have successfully shared your internet from pc to any device.

Final Step:

Now you need to open wifi on any device, search the network name you recently created, and enter your password. You will be connected to the Internet.

Now enjoy your unlimited internet from your pc.

Make sure you have a working Internet connection on your pc.



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